Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit


The Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit comes with:

  • A 14-page guide to introduce the Be Ready Explorers, welcome children into the Treasured Adventures Club, meet a co-adventurer (their brain), identify their strengths and more
  • A time capsule container and stickers along with Time Capsule Treasures to help children get started in filling their time capsule
  • A paper lantern to help create their own magic globe
  • Membership into the Treasured Adventures Club
  • Be Ready Explorers embroidered keychain
  • Good Stuff for Grown-ups surprise

Be Ready Explorers is for girls and boys ages 5-12 years (alongside their special adult caregivers). In kid-friendly ways, it offers targeted experiences for emotional learning.

For homeschool or classroom use involving multiple children, please contact us at

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Adventure Kit

Each kit includes the guidebook, embroidered keychain, activities, and materials ready to be enjoyed!

Care Package

Each care package includes the adult explorer interview, activities to support the highlighted skill, and an emotion-ful surprise.

Adventure Guide + Keychain

This adventure option includes the adventure guidebook and an embroidered keychain.

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Choose Your Type of Adventure

Adventure Kit


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