Connecting hearts near and far

Children are inspired to learn about emotions, explore within, and connect with the world around them with the support of monthly engaging adventure stories. Discover a new way to share emotional learning with a child in your life.

How It Works

Emotion-ful Adventures Delivered
Monthly by Mail

Each month’s adventure includes an illustrated letter and story, field notes, a heart map, and postcard for sending to someone special. Each adventure letter invites children along the emotional growth journey of various explorers and is inspired by a new skill and heartfelt tale. Choose your plan and never miss an adventure!


Subscribe for $6 to receive an illustrated adventure story, postcard, heart map, and a collection of field notes to learn about emotions and explore within. Hello, Heart! supports a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellness.

Check Your Mailbox

Your letter will be mailed between the 12th and 15th of every month in a custom-addressed envelope specifically for you.

Explore Together

Each monthly adventure helps children explore and build emotional skills.

Our Mission

Connect, Heal, and Grow Emotionally

Our mission is to help children and their caregivers connect, heal, and grow emotionally by using clinical psychology, heart-warming stories, and inspirational, relatable characters.

Kind Words

From Our Readers

“Our two children, ages 5 and 8, LOVE Hello, Heart! The illustrations are wonderful and the heart map was so easy for all of us to follow. The heart map is now part of our bedtime routine as we talk through our day.”


Mother Of Two

“Hello, Heart! is going to help heal hurts and change hearts. A true treasure that helps you feel cared for the moment you see it in your mailbox. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”


Mother Of Three

I read the first Hello, Heart! story to children in ten different classrooms and we can’t wait to hear more about the springtime potion. The words in the story were relatable and just right – the right ones in all the right ways. And, the reflection questions came in so handy for ongoing discussions.”


Elementary School Counselor


Never Miss An Adventure

Monthly Subscription

Paid Monthly (For 12 Months)


One Time Payment

One Time Payment


Coming Soon!

Teen & Young Adult Adventures

Emotion-ful letters for teens and young adults coming soon.

Meet Kristin

The mother, psychologist, and adventurer behind Hello, Heart! and Be Ready Explorers

I have been working with children, families, educators and other clinicians for over twenty years. I have a private practice, Positive Pathways LLC, and started Paratus, where I research and share online resources and information around being ready.

Along the way, I wanted something that could help children see and feel ready for life’s adventure moments – meet, Be Ready Explorers. Be Ready Explorers is for girls and boys ages 5-12 years. In kid-friendly ways, it offers targeted experiences for emotional learning.

And now, more recently, I’ve been learning how valuable a resource like this can be. People have shared how these “care packages” made a difference and the warmth they felt from receiving something in the mail, just for them. People also shared how they were searching for additional ways to feel nurtured, connected, and hopeful – meet, Hello, Heart!

And, so…the adventure continues.

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