Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit

Helping Children Be Ready For Life’s Adventure Moments

An engaging publication that builds children’s strong emotional skills while they discover worldwide perspectives and adventures.

Sparking Children’s Sense of

Emotion-ful adventure and worldwide curiosity

Be Ready Explorers bring to life outside adventures from around the world that help children grow on the inside. The information and stories shared will capture the imagination of young readers and allow them to experience the world within and beyond themselves—developing self-awareness, understanding, compassion, and empathy.

As they explore the world, appreciating the unique beauty of people both alike and different from them, subscribers can also share their discoveries as part of the Treasured Adventures Club!

Let The Adventures Begin

Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit

Your adventure begins with the Be Ready Explorers Welcome Kit, where you’ll meet the five Be Ready Explorers and your co-adventurer, your brain. You’ll also create your own magic globe and begin collecting emotion-ful information and memories to add to your time capsule!

Where Do You Want to Go?

Let’s Explore Together

Switzerland Adventure

Theme: Courage

Senegal Adventure

Theme: Compassion

Antarctica Adventure

Theme: Determination

Montana Adventure

Theme: Calm

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