Meet Kristin

The mother, psychologist, and adventurer behind Be Ready Explorers.

I have been working with children, families, educators and other clinicians for over twenty years. I have a private practice, Positive Pathways LLC, and started Paratus, where I research and share online resources and information around being ready.

I wanted something my children and I could do together. A multi-faceted resource wrapped into one dynamic science-backed offering. A resource that created opportunity for children to be curious and ready to take in people and ideas. I wanted something that could help children see and feel ready for life’s adventure moments — hello Be Ready Explorers!

Be Ready Explorers is for girls and boys ages 5-12 years. In kid-friendly ways, it offers targeted experiences for emotional learning.

Why Be Ready Explorers?

Because so much wonderful comes from connection + intention.

Choosing to be adventurous, brave, and curious about yourself and the world are some of the most powerful things you can do! 

I created the Be Ready Explorers to help bring focus to BIG tiny treasured moments. There was a time that I had forgotten to pay attention to “inside” signals that were telling me to slow down, enjoy the adventure, and remember. I had even started to miss out on some of my most favorite things with my most favorite people. I lost sight of what it meant to be and feel ready

The Be Ready Explorers believe relationships matter most. Our relationships grow and our inner-strengths get bigger and stronger when we care about them. The Be Ready Explorers are here to help us with these things during worldwide adventures! They never stop wondering and adventuring! 

I can’t wait for the Explorers to meet you! 

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Caring About Feelings

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